It is the space between the notes that makes beautiful music, otherwise the consecutive beats are just ‘noise’, as my percussion teacher instructs.

Growing, living and becoming have become synonymous with taking action, even when that action is to release the old, invite the new and create your bold new…

The change is upon us once again.

The cosmic calendar, the movement of planets....amidst it we stand in our inner transitions, our external worlds mirroring us at times, though the collective external world changes at times without so much mirroring our personal inner world. …

Courage, Love and Compassion for 2021

May you live 2021 with fierce love, deep compassion, unshakeable serenity and courage of a sacred rebel of authenticity in your hearts.

May you embody your inner truths in your external world and may you consciously pause to assimilate your external experiences to intuitively ‘know’ the highest truths of your…

This great void is our connector to the unknown. The abstractness of this void is uncomfortable, searing through us and makes us want to run away from it through incessant occupation with thoughts, actions and intentions to avoid facing it.

To attain equanimity in the experience of happiness or grief…

‘Ishaani’ Geetam Khaond

Humanitarian, Capacity Builder & Consciousness Coach, helps seekers find greater self-love & self-acceptance to live authentically & spread Big Love on Earth.

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